Invited speakers will be announced the coming months

Name Affiliation Session Tentative title

Adrie Mackus       

TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Area-selective ALD of nitrides and oxides using small inhibitor molecules

Patrik Hoffmann        

EMPA, Switzerland ASD Is HV-CVD best for all coating challenges ?

Joachim Schnadt

Lund University, Sweden Characterization Real-time monitoring of the surface chemistry of ALD processes by ambient pressure x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

Tobias Törndahl

Uppsala University, Sweden Characterization Interface formation chemistry in ALD of charge transport layers for perovskite solar cells

Henrik Sønsteby

University of Oslo, Norway Dielectrics Metastable nickelates by ALD - Advantages of low temperature epitaxy

Neil Dasgupta

University of Michigan, US Energy-related applications and catalysis Interfacial Engineering of Batteries and Solar Energy Materials using Atomic Layer Deposition

Andreas Kafizas

Imperial College London, UK Energy-related applications and catalysis Studying processing parameters in the CVD of TiO2 coatings on glass for NOx remediation

Chris Blackmann               

UCL, UK Functional materials Vapour deposition of functional semiconductor and heterojunction (nano-)materials for gas sensing

Aile Tamm

Tartu University, Estonia Metals Integrity of Graphene in Functional Nanostructures Represented by Resistively Switching Media Grown by ALD

Michael Nolan

Tyndall, Ireland Modeling Mechanisms of atomic level processing from first principles simulations

Geoff Hyett

Southampton University, UK Novel concepts Synthesis of mixed anion oxynitride thin films as visible light active self-cleaning photocatalytic coatings

Per-Anders Hansen

University of Oslo, Norway Organic and hybrid materials Designing large aromatic molecules: Bringing colour to MLD

Junjie Zhao

Zhejiang University, China Organic and hybrid materials Vapor-Phase Synthesis and Modification of Porous Framework Thin Films

Sean Barry

Carlton University, Canada Precursor design Small Molecule Inhibition on Surfaces: The Role of Carbenes and Other Ligands

Ageeth Bol

TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands Semiconductor and nanomaterials Precise doping and alloying of 2D transition metal dichalcogenides using plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition
Miika Mattinen

 Helsinki University, Finland Semiconductor and nanomaterials

Advanced Process Design for Low-Temperature PEALD of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides


Napari Mari Department of Physics and Astronomy, King's College London, United Kingdom  Dielectrics II Atomic Layer Deposition of Functional Complex Oxides for Next-generation Electronics?
Coclite Anna Maria Graz University of Technology, Austria  Novel concepts Stimuli-responsive thin films and their applications as actuators and on-skin sensors
Sepulveda Alfonso imec, Leuven, 3000, Belgium  Semiconductor

Dielectric gap-fill material and process challenges for future semiconductor technology